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How to Authenticate Users With Twitter OAuth | Nettuts+

How to Authenticate Users With Twitter OAuth | Nettuts+.

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Twitter OAuth Example

This tutorial contains real code that prints actual OAuth requests and responses as plainly as possible.

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Yahoo OAuth Examples

… broken down the OAuth flow into individual, self-contained PHP scripts that can be run from the command line, from requesting a token to making a signed API call.

This tutorial focuses on interfacing with that Yahoo Social APIs using OAuth.  Yahoo publishes SDKs that make your life easier, but if you need to debug OAuth problems, then you need to understand the OAuth requests and responses in detail.

via Yahoo OAuth Examples « Nothing of Value.

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Creating a Simple PHP Cache Script

“In this tutorial we are going to create a disk cache script. It stores the string values in files, each value is stored in a file and it contains an additional file to store the expiration date. ” –


Connect Twitter API with OAuth using PHP

“In this post I want to explain how to store twitter oauth_token and secret values in to database and how to update status with your own web application.” – 9lessons.info

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Share Feedback with Twitter and the Bit.ly API

Today’s tutorial will walk through the creation of a customizable “Tweet this” link that integrates the Bit.ly API and Twitter updates.

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Building UTF8 Compatible CodeIgniter Applications

UTF8 allows your site to represent characters other than those in the basic english alphabet. More often than not, your CodeIgniter Application will contain methods where users can enter their name. This is where you’ll most commonly see unusual characters cropping up.

via Building UTF8 Compatible CodeIgniter Applications — Elliot Haughin.

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